I’m back home safe from a #blacklivesmatter protest in Chicago with bloody feet and a few scrapes and bumps but a heart filled with compassion.

I’ve been trying to withholding judgement and opinion about this weeks horrific events and all that’s happened until I could experience some of this for myself and get on the street directly with the people to talk and inquire and understand.

Tonight I marched for 13 miles.

I talked to so many different kinds of people and more than 30 police.  My understanding is still limited in part by my privilege and skin color and upbringing, I can’t help that, but I am far less limited than I was and have far more compassion for all sides and people now because I participated. Standing on the sidelines of anything always keeps our view limited to a single perspective.  I streamed the march live on Facebook (watch it HERE ) and I could see so many people watching and I hesitated to keep going because I knew I would get a bunch of crazy comments on both sides, (and I did..) however I felt compelled to allow anybody who wanted to participate to bear witness as I did because a wider perspective always makes things better.

I have so much to say, so much I’ve learned, so much I still don’t understand… but the one thing I can say for sure…. My skin color creates an assumption, standard and safety that others do not have. That’s why awareness is necessary and believe in ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ as a movement to raise awareness and work towards equality.

In addition to amazing protestors, the police were absolutely incredible! They were so kind and helpful and solid, never wavered. I told them over and over again how grateful I was. _/\_ I am positive we can believe and support #blacklivesmatter and support our incredible police officers without any contradiction.

Get in the thick of life.  It really matters.  ‪Our world simply MUST commit itself to non-violence.  The alternative is unthinkable.