Travel, incredibly long horrible plane rides, bad food and my literal in ability to navigate while tired are clearly on my mind as I ride in this flying hell bucket for 28 hours trapped in this seat.

For a guy who never sits, stands at his desk and only rests while laying down– there is no greater hell than this.

However, amidst it all, I see beauty everywhere.

I’m seeing cooperation in every aspect of the word.  I’m seeing people constantly setting aside personal need for greater good.  I’m watching folks help other folks for zero recognition… just acknowledging we’re all in it together.

A kid is pushing on the seat nearly constantly and I’m reminded of the above picture from the kindnessblog. ( check them out, cool, simple, beautiful wisdom!)

Imagine if we all did this just a couple of times extra each day– reassured someone, made someone’s life a little easier, give someone a break.

I just love this picture because it tells such a story– and as a parent, for me the best part is that the woman passed the note privately to the mom rather than saying anything if front of the kids.  The level of respect this shows is so beautiful.

So, I need a break– and therefore I intend to give a bunch today.

When I remember we all have so much more going on that is visable, it makes compassion a ton easier.