Hate is knocking on our doorsteps. It’s begging to be let in.  Even when you turn it away, hate finds ways to seep into our homes, our clothes, our bodies, our very bones.  Hate for the choices of others.  Hate for different beliefs.  Hate for ignorance.  Hate for hurt.

Hate is not the answer here.  Hate only needs more of the same.

We must find ways to extend grace, to offer understanding and empathy, to show love.

We must rise higher, fight harder, and love more fiercely.  We must.

Go to bed heartbroken or go to bed hopeful.

But whatever happens, keep an eye out for hate sneaking in.  It will want to.  It will trick you into thinking it is the only way.  It is wrong.

Hate is a liar and a cheat and a dangerous fucking bastard.  Hate has no home here.

Love wins. #lovewarriors