A long time ago I picked up a small pocket-sized book called “discovering meditation”.  It wasn’t a normal book, it was a transcript of a retreat with Godwin Samararatne and retreat goes that took place in a small off the grid meditation center in the late 70’s.

When I first looked thru it, I loved his practical answers to rather bold and insightful questions.  I loved that they asked many of the same questions I wrestle with.  2013-07-13 00.34.31

More than 40 years after that retreat and long past Godwin’s passing, I unexpectedly found myself sitting in the exact meditation hall where the discussions had taken place.  I’d traveled around the world and spent hours there in meditation and inner exploration before I discovered that I was in THE PLACE that I’d read about and longed for but never even bothered to research where it was or if it still existed.

Realizing I was in this holy space, I longed for my little pocket-book, to read it and look around and imagine the people and the vibe.   I found another copy in Godwin’s library and randomly opened to a conversation:


Retreatant: “how can I learn to love my anger?”


Godwin: “Yes that is a very good question, because we all have anger.  Usually when we get angry, we follow it by getting angry with our anger.  Then we feel guilty and we feel very bad.  In a way, this is a good thing too.  But if you can say to yourself with friendliness and gentleness that it is okay when the anger is there, you can learn about it, explore it, and make discoveries.  So it is not giving into the anger but learning from it.”