I am currently living the results of a giant choice I made a while ago, just like all of us! I paused recently to take stock of all the good and bad the choice has brought me and am humbled by how awesome it’s turned out and what I could not see when I made the choice. I’m also humbled by how not awesome moments have been that have lead me to what I wanted. I’m grateful I seem to have been born with the ability to just keep going.

I am making a giant choice in these upcoming weeks thats kept me awake with excitement and fear, depending. I’ve been exploring the ways people make choices, how they discern right and wrong, good and bad. I read and have experienced the benefits of silence and prayer and writing and walking away from the thoughts… we all know thats where true answers reside. But in this case I want to actually do something physical, something more mainstream. My choice isn’t some giant inner thing like “who am I” or “what should I believe”, it’s more external like “should I do this awesome thing or this awesome thing?”

I began looking for some kind of updated version of the old faithful practice of a spreadsheet listing positives and negatives and I found a great LifeHacker: “Four Tricks to Help you make any difficult decision”. The section “Empower Your Inner Contrarian and Reverse Your Assumptions” felt like what I was after and I tried it. It asks three simple questions:

List all your assumptions about your subject.
Reverse each assumption. What is its opposite?
Ask yourself how to accomplish each reversal.

I gave it a shot. The first question was simple.. it was all the reasons I wanted to make the choice. The second question was simple, it was all my fears about the choice being the wrong one, what might not work. The third, “Ask yourself how to accomplish each reversal” was the one I paused with. As I worked through it I realized I had built a road map of how to navigate the possible pitfalls of my choice, a guide to how I might get out of the worst case mess the choice put me in. Mostly, it invalidated my fears, validated my excitement and gave me a solid view of reality allowing me to easily move forward.

If you want another amazing view of how to make difficult decisions, watch this.