If I had learned to eat when I was hungry and drink when I was thirsty, my mind and body would have been radically different.

If I had learned to judge only as a guide and love only as an action, the trees in my world would have more fruit.

If I had learned to discern what really matters and focus only on what grows, I’d have had a lot more time and built bigger things and added more love to more people.

But I’d have missed some great meals and amazing people and some wild times of reckless abandon where my belly hurt from laughing and cul-de-sacs that seemed to produce dead ends but gave me insight for super highways I eventually came across.

Without all the paid and pleasure,  I’d have missed the incredible resurrection of my view and spirit as subtle shifts in perspective gave way to magnificent transformation.

I practice meditation to center in on this level of awareness.  It’s simply that simple.