My friend, three days sober, again, after much longer stretches, is back at it.. scrambling for humility and nobility and humanity.

I ask him, “What’s the plan now?”bridges

“Keep on keeping on” he answers.

I wondered aloud “if we keep on like we have how do we get a different outcome?”

He thoughtfully responds “If I do good things, good things will happen.  Twenty-four hours is too long for me right now.  I need to commit to the next hour.  I’m going to begin with forgiving myself and not beating myself up.”

Right actions are what we all need.  The thing is, what’s “right” changes. Right actions are simple and hard.  Disease of addiction, self-doubt, pride… whatever it is that snarls up in us and begs us to veer off course has a loud and powerful commanding voice.  It takes intense rigor to shut it down.

You don’t have to be an addict to understand.  We all have the voice that takes control of our actions and moods and spirit at times.  And, we all have access to a set of right actions that will keep us noble, humble, happy.

Plan the work, work the plan.

A brand new twenty-four hours.  Go.


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