Around my little world these days we’re expecting some rough economic waters.   We’re ready.  We’ve crafted a theme, “Lean In”.  We’re actively looking for areas of our personal and professional lives where we can simply lean in just 10% more.

If somethings working well, what would happen if we upped it 10%?

If you read 10% more a day, what would happen?

If you walked 10% farther, pushed 10% harder, saved 10% more?

What if you reached out to 10% more people in your business?

Or listened 10% deeper?

Or loved 10% more authentically?

If you don’t believe me, add 10% more salt to something your cooking and taste the impact.

In whatever we’re doing, we’re just upping our game this little bit.  When you look at all we do, so much of our behavior has such little impact and such small changes and actions has such a dramatic impact.  Leaning in just 10% in the small and effective areas of our lives would make an giant impact on our lives.

The Buddha taught that “Understanding is the heartwood of well-spoken words.”  He also taught about well-timed and  well-intentioned words.  If we only added 10% in one area, the choice and impact of our spoken words, we’d change our relationships, businesses and the world entirely.

This is where I’m starting.  _/\_