Annie Dillard wroet a essay titled “This Is The Life”. It’s great.  Really great.  You should read it. Seriously.

But I took it and ripped out a bunch of the words to leave just enough to create this poem.  Why?  Because at the end of the day I’m just convinced we’re all just re-arranging each others words anyway.  And because someone made me.


Life of a Human

You live only one life.

Probably.  Mostly.

You love above all.

You enjoy love.

You are love.

You hunt plumed fire and you prove progress benefits everyone.

You serve.

You know illusion.

What was joy making?

What bears your edge, beloved?

You multiply love.

You delight the hypnotized people.

You are the starry sky.

You see.

You see.

You love.

You see.