With some struggle and pushback but eventual full embrace, this is how we built our entire company:

“Even though our tendency might be to remember the things we’ve done wrong, the mistakes we’ve made, and the things we regret, we can consciously shift our attention to include the good within ourselves.  We can also do this when we look at others.  After a day at work we might recall the late delivery, the disappointing report, the ambiguous commentary.  This is not an exercise meant to deny that anything is wrong or regrettable, but if we look at somebody and we think only about the mistakes they have made, then a tremendous sense of self, and others, and us and them, can be reinforced.  Whereas if we include even one good thing, if we can think of it, then a bridge is built, it’s more from a stance of being side by side rather than across this huge gulf of seeming separation.” ~ from Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness at Work… Mediations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace.  Its seriously great, order it HERE.