As I listened to President Obama’s national address about the culture of guns in this country and the violence both on the streets with actual guns and in the exchange of words between opposing views, I thought about Ram Dass  and his desire for us all to “Trade in all our judgement for appreciation.  Lay down our righteousness and just be together.”

I thought the President was profound and beautiful in his words and intent.   Then, as I sincerely try to always do, I observed the opposition and listened as openly as I could.  Outside of the fringes, both sides are so sincere in their position and I found validity on each side.

I couldn’t possibly own a gun.   And, some of my greatest memories with my dad are hunting in the woods on early Saturday mornings.   People I sincerely love and respect think what the President said and wants to do is horrible, “destroying america”.   Others found it as profoundly beautiful as I did.

Ram Dass’s words are dead right but the how, the daily practice of actually keeping an open mind and nonjudgemental position to just be together in our agreement AND disagreement, it’s much harder than words for me.

I’ll begin again today, tomorrow and till the end.  I think my only hope is with moment by moment renewal.