A couple of summers ago I had the chance to curl up on the floor of Godwin Samarartne’s library where he wrote, taught and lived for 30+ years.
The library is full of his teachings.
I wrote this one down on a napkin I had with me at the time and when I got home, I clipped it to the wall in my office.  It’s served me consistently, mulling this idea of loving myself.

“I would like to say something about this plus and minus business.  In this culture I meet many people who are used to giving themselves minuses.  That is why when I spoke about meditation of loving-kindness, I mentioned that you have to develop loving-kindness towards yourselves.  you have to learn to see more and more pluses in yourself.  It is extremely important, as I have been often saying, that we should learn to feel happy about what we are doing.  We should feel grateful for what we are trying to do.  With more and more pluses you really experience more joy, more lightness, this happiness and gratitude.”  ~ Godwin Samarartne