pause-to-begin-cover2And so here we are….

The last day of the old year and the first eve of the New Year and the very best day of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

I can’t think of much I love more than this day– even though it’s purely arbitrary and made up and what I love about this day I could love about any day—

Some people go crazy— they drink and party and let out the wildness that’s locked inside them.. some pause and reflect and deepen and look at what worked, what didn’t.

Some hardly notice, believing it’s just another day on the calendar.

Any way is wonderful really—that’s the thing about new years—the traditions aren’t as steadfast or engrained—the meaning is broad and loose and like the wind.

Right and wrong doesn’t seem to have a place here…

pauseIt’s the pausing I love most—and I love it specifically on this day because I know that the entire world is pausing in some way or another—we have so few holidays that are universal—but today’s collective consciousness is infectious to me and I submerge myself in it at all costs.

In 1986, my family participated in Hands Across America…  A literal human chain from New York City to Long Beach…  to join together to raise awareness for the homeless and the hungry in our country.  Boston_HandsAcrossAmerica

This was the first time I was conscious of the power of a collective—what could and does happen when people come together united in common purpose.

I’ll never forget that day or the energy I felt running thru our bodies as we all stood together.  It remains one of the most powerful moments of my life… not because of the event, but because what it inspired deep inside me… the power of unity.

Unity is something I really love, in all forms.   For me, that’s what new years is about— Uniting my yesterday with my today and making an intention for tomorrow.

Being part of the global unity on this day, the opportunity to re-boot, re-commit, re-connect—I am 100% in.

For 20 years now, our new years is the same:  we come together believing we are uniting with the entire world…We dedicate serious time—usually 10 hours or more often well into the next day….. We ensure food and caffeine will get us thru—and we lock ourselves up together for serious pause, reflection and intention. intention

We take a personal inventory of ourselves…. both our inner and outer lives.

Landmark calls it “the path to powerful completion and inspired creation”..whatever.  who cares what you call it or how you do it.

The value comes from doing it—on new years and lots of other days.  Pausing is a vital practice that for me changes everything…..

We do it something like this:

1)   reflect and write our accomplishments of this past year….

2)   Reflect and write about the areas of our lives where we are out of integrity…

3)   Reflect and write about all the resentments we’re still holding…

4)   Reflect and write about the incomplete communications we still have with people….

5)   Reflect and write about our regrets…

6)   and then, Reflect and write about what’s next.

It’s a stream of consciousness thing—no right or wrong way…

We document the evidence: reviewing what we’re most proud of, reviewing what really worked, what didn’t work, what we got from that anyway—- what happened that we never believed was even possible, what didn’t happen but we thought would have—we record where we took left turns and right turns and how that worked out for us.

We set intentions—not goals or things like that but more like, this is who I want to be, this is how I want to show up, this is the dent in the world I want to make, this is how I intend to express kindness and be in service, this is how I want to love, and be loved.

I think recording it—stating it out load— sharing who you want to be with the world is of vital importance.  It doesn’t matter how it turns out—the intention is what’s so powerful, it’s often enough.

Personally, it’s about practice.  Who I want to be, the work I want to do, the life I want to live, the man I want to be requires serious commitment and focus and intention…. The rewards are this beautiful happiness and peace that bubbles up in and around me.

Tricycle Magazine had the perfect quote about new years:


“It’s all about intention. If your intention is skillful, imbued with compassion, the quality of your effort will be skillful. And you can develop skillful intention.” ~ Peter Doobin  

Happy New Intention |  Bow _/_