I had a series of billboards all over town a while ago that were jet black with white lettering that simply said “be moved”.   I kept one and mounted it on a wall in our offices to remind all of us what our job was– to move people literally and in every other way we could find.  It’s the other ways I like most.

I’ve moved allot– moved my thinking, my behavior and my physical space.

What I’ve learned:  the act of continuing to move is the vast majority of what matters.  Where you end up is far less relevant.  Staying in motion, always growing and making things work as best we can in whatever conditions prevail– that’s the most peaceful and effective way I’ve found to manage the certainty that everything’s changing anyway.

I chose the words “be moved” because it’s easier when you recognize it’s going to happen anyway and leaning into it and being gentle, bending, going with the current– it makes it all so beautiful.

Moving is hard, being moved is easier.  One is you doing, one is you trusting….surrendering and believing all is well no matter what.