I’m told a surefire way to overcome self-pity, depression and all the stuff that keeps us locked up is to “open your door and go knock on your neighbor’s door”.

I’ve been thinking about this allot and it’s starting to feel like the wonder drug the worlds been waiting for.

“open your door”  : to me means step away from emotions, override misery and do something anyway.  I’m reminded that I can do hard.  When I open up, when I am real and authentic and give, when I become willing to walk out of whatever I’m in and take even a small step, I can be assured everything changes.  In fact, sometimes even opening the door without even a step let’s just enough light in.

“and go knock on your neighbor’s door” :  The funny thing about giving to others is it always boomerangs back to me two-fold.   It’s simply not possible for me to not feel better when I extend a hand, offer a smile, send some love, offer even the smallest gratitude.  One of my favorite mantra’s is to have, give all to all.  Nothing could be more true.

As I walk around thinking about these words, I think of the range of use, the power of this practice, the enormous impact our world would experience if we all practiced this.

I imagine myself remembering this while I’m laying in bed after a fight with my kid, getting up and opening my door and going to knock on hers even when I’m still not sure what I’ll even say.    The act of movement, willingness to explore, to try and open my heart, reach for hers… often it erases whatever stupid ridiculous thing we were snagging about in the first place.

I think about business and how many people could advance themselves if they just opened their door and knocked on their neighbors.  So often, to get what you need, you just need to have the courage and guts to ask.  And to ask, you’ve got to step away from where you are, and go where you aren’t.  Sales is 90% showing up, being willing to try, knocking on the first door.

I think exposing yourself allows other people to access you, and reaching for others often leads to them reaching back—  a vitally important exchange in any life.

So, today, and hopefully everyday, I’m going to kick my door open, let the light in, walk over to my neighbor and knock with a vengeance.