When I see people on the streets, especially in winter, I’m overcome with feelings.  Not sad or horrified feelings…. it’s not like that at all.  Instead, I feel aware and observant and full of rage.

People say I should feel compassion, but I don’t.  I skip right over that and leap directly into gross overwhelming uncontrollable frustration… I just can’t get over how this great nation allows this to happen.  Of course the anger is at myself as well, I don’t point fingers unless I get myself to the front of the line.  I know we’re all responsible.homeless coats

These days, I use my rage to fuel my actions.  Undirected Rage is a waste and I want to do something, make a difference.

It’s cold as hell here in Chicago and when I get off the train I see people every single day who have next to nothing to keep them warm so I’m helping gather coats and whatever I can find to pass out as we pass by.   I decided I wanted to share this amazing moment because I get the direct experience of being with this beautiful people but so many others miss out and it’s really something.

I’ve been thinking how I could have more people play a part in this beautiful exchange of love…  and I came up with this plan, I think I’ll call it Operation Note In a Coat, which I posted on my Facebook page.  In less than 12 hours, look how much love we added to the world:

“Hey Friends, I need your help! We’ve gathered a bunch of awesome coats, hats and warm stuff for some very deserving folks in the city…. going to deliver this weekend and I have an idea… I want to put a note inside each coat pocket.  How about you write a quick sentence or two and I’ll print them out and put one in each pocket and deliver them on your behalf.  That way we can all be part of sharing and adding more love :).”

Within moments comments poured in:

“may this coat act as a warm hug from humanity, to hold you and comfort you through the cold and put warmth into your heart.  You are loved”

“Everything will be ok”

“You are loved”

“When you know someone else cares, love shines”

“Jesus loves you and is always with you”

“Que este abrigo sea como un abrazo que te cubre el alma”

“Love warms all things”

“Love comes in all forms.  Happy holidays”

“The best and the most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.  May this coat symbolize the good in others and may it keep you warm and fill you with love”

“Many blessings for a warm merry Christmas.  You shall be thought of today, tomorrow and always in my prayers”

“As long as there is one single fellow creature who you can console by kind words, whom you can enliven and cheer by your presence… you are a precious possession to the human race and you should never be dishearten”

“Pay it forward”

“Go forth, be brave.  Everyone has fear.  Good things do happen”

“Love shows its face in so many different ways.  How will you show your love?”

“Peace, love and hugs to you this Christmas and always”

“Wishing you and those dear to you a warm and wonderful holiday”

“You matter!”

“May you be well, happy, peaceful and warm”

“Be well, be happy, be peaceful”

“May the warmth and caring of the holiday season be with you always”

“The sun’ll come out tomorrow.  Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun”

“This coat represents a warm hug, a kind spirit and the season of giving!”

“I care about you”

“This coat is a special gift for a special friend.  Merry Christmas”

“Happy or crappy, this coat is yours”

“Please know someone is sending you love, warmth and happiness.  And a big hug”

“I know you have a name.  I see you.  Peace and love”

“May love, peace and happiness be yours!”

“May your heart be light as a snowflake, your troubles melt away like snow, and a drift of blessings surround you”

“May this coat keep you warm, my friend”

“Attitude is the key in life.  Always imagine the possibilities”

“When all else fails, look up! You are never alone”

“Bruised, not broken.  Me Too.  You are not alone, go be great today”

“May your heart be filled with hope.  Love, Santa”

“You are a beautiful person deserving of warmth and love, peace and happiness.”