My most treasured possession has been lost for some time but fell off the bookshelf today presenting itself to me in grand fashion.

“From time to time you will experience something out of the ordinary.  Perhaps it is a continual part of you, a particular talent or ability that you have.  Or there will be brief moments of deep stillness.  Then again you may suddenly find that you have surprising stregnth and ability in a particular situation.  

These are all gifts, little treasures that help you know your nature.  You are a royal child who is often out wandering in the mud.  If you forget your nature you may wander aimlessly until a few days or hours before your death.  Gifts are being sent to you all the time as daily reminders of your nature.  The frantic people who are always protecting themselves and trying to insure their future are seldom aware of these gifts.  They are so focused on what they do not have that they overlook what they already possess.

Sometimes there is a special fight.  Often it comes after a time of great spiritual dryness.  You have been a creeping caterpillar for a long time.  You feel deserted.  You cannot find your inner light.  You are arid and alone.  Your cocoon seems a dull prison.  You can give up and it is all over.  Or something inside of you will say, “Do not abandon the years of daily discipline.  Purge yourself. Purify yourself”.  The moment when you cannot see that it is doing you any good is the most important time for discipline.  Experience the aloneness.  Be still for several days Gradually without your knowing it a spiritual conversation may take place.  It is so natural you will not even notice.  Your petty nature is being replaced by your royal nature.”

From my war torn and beloved copy of Notes from the Song of Life by Tolbert McCarroll, it’s been my GPS for a long time.  You can order it here.