We all know for sure, change is absolute.  It’s certain, for sure, without a doubt what’s going to happen.

As we evolve and change–as we keep becoming— it doesn’t make who we were any less real or authentic.

This took me a while to understand as I reconciled my past with the present, but it was a worthy revelation that allowed me to love myself more and increased my compassion to humanity as a result since I could extend this same new understanding to everyone.

This dynamic shows up in families and work environments all the time– people changing, course correcting, deepening and growing in skill and spirit and everyone else having a hard time seeing the person as changed and respecting who they are becoming.

It’s hard work giving people the room to expand themselves– I find myself not wanting to believe them, I seem to merge the past with the present to formulate my opinions and this doesn’t respect the whole person nor give them what they deserve for having come a long way.

I realized that I often would accept who they present themselves as now by discounting who they were to me previously… essentially saying, ok, if this is who you are then who you were must have not been real so all our history in now invalid…

That’s just simply not true and so learning to honor each persons personal evolution has helped me with non-judgement and allowed me to really embrace and benefit from transformation both in myself and with others.

I found when I give people the room to grow, when I really see them as they are now and not just who they were,  they do the same in return to me and the nobility of this is significant and beautiful.

People evolve and change… this is for sure…. so let them.


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