Spirit@work | California Redwood Coast Retreat | May 5th – 9th, 2014




440px-Point_Sur_from_the_northSpirit@work…. a deep and simple adventure designed to amp up your inner and outer life 

lead by Bhante Sujatha & Tyler Lewke


Hosted in the Santa Cruz Redwood Mountains on the Northern Coast of California. 

The Adventure Begins |   May 5th  to May 9, 2014

space is limited


Las Alas Lodge_AlvarezTHE ADVENTURE

We believe that a deep, significant and successful life requires effective tools and serious practice for both your inner and outer life.

We believe that success and sustainable happiness in commerce, family, and daily life is found thru deep spiritual practice and effective tools.

We believe that the purpose of a spiritual practice is to develop the skills to go into the world and create sustainable happiness, lead    successful and bold lives that make                    humanity better.


JOIN US for this week long adventure boot camp; training to ignite our inner lives and effectively use these skills to lead outer lives that are kind, meaningful, joy filled, world altering and beautiful reflections of spiritwork.  

We’ll use silence, sharing, movement, nature, writing, sitting and walking meditation, laughter, spiritual discussion, main stream business principles and daily adventures into the sacred beauty of this area to have wild fun, recharge ourselves and build a personalized tool chest of effective daily practices to re-enter the world again with bigger hearts and ignited spirits.


WHEN:  May 5th, 2013 4PM thru May 9th, 2014

WHERE: The Sequoia Retreat Center, Ben Lomond, California440px-Point_Sur_from_the_north

$: $1595 + travel, all inclusive. shared room. Single occupancy also available.

MORE DETAILS:  Tylerlewke@gmail.com   |    815.307.2316

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“Deep in a Redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Sequoia Retreat Center has been held sacred since 1949, it’s a LasAlasoutside4place where love has been experienced, where pain has been transcended and where hope is born. .. It’s where the deepest meaning of life can be  explored in an atmosphere of quite and beauty. .. Our hope is that your stay here  enriches your life, and the life of our earth that is our place in the universe.  May you add to the spirit of love that builds and  nourishes this sacred place, and return to your daily life renewed:  This history of Sequoia is a  history of seasons, beauty, spirit and truth.  This can never be communicated by factors or descriptions… it must be experienced first hand.”     

The Sequoia is the perfect “basecamp” for our adventure, offering easy access to Big Sur & Esalen, the Pacific Coast, Big Basin Redwood State Park , Muir Woods and multiple Temples and sacred spaces we’ll be exploring together…..   



Enchanting private cottages with options for single, double, or triple occupancy ( price adjusted ) with private bathrooms and modern conveniences and outdoor private space.

Incredible locally grown organic food for any diet, made by loving people and served indoors, outdoors, or prepared for “to go” as our adventures require…

The most beautiful main lodge with indoor and outdoor Meditation space, group rooms, insideCabinquite space, workspace… it’s the most effective environment for inner and outer work you can imagine.

Multiple indoor and outdoor fire pits, a peace garden, hiking trails thru the redwoods, an amphitheatre nestled in a redwood circle…endless sitting and walking meditation venues.

Excellent Cell phone coverage (but we think you should leave it behind!)

Wi-Fi is complementary and available in main building ( but what for, time to unplug!!)



The Pacific coast of Northern California is staggeringly beautiful, deeply sacred and has this vibe that truly words can’t capture…LasAlasoutside4

Big_Sur_Coast_CaliforniaWe’ll be exploring the ancient old growth redwoods, driving Highway 1 along the rugged coast of Big Sur…

Meditating on the beach, gathering under the waterfalls near Esalen, silent hiking in Big Basin Redwood Forest…

You’ll have a rare opportunity to experience this sacred place with a guy who’s hiked every inch, knows all the back roads and secret spaces…

it’s in the world, not of it…._/\_


An unlikely duo…

Bhante Sujatha is one of a kind, a man who has dedicated his entire life to healing our wounded minds and adding more love in theworld.  Bhante is the Chief Sangha Patron of North America; a title earned from decades of devotion, teaching to everyone he can find the benefits of loving kindness and having a working spiritual practice.   As a Buddhist monk of some twenty plus years, he is the Abbot at The Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock, IL. and has taught around the globe to people wishing to learn the art of happiness and contentment through meditation. His approach to teaching is easy-going, ensuring that everyone can easily understand how to properly meditate and easily develop a working and sustainable spiritual practice.  A pleasure to be around, he knows the indescribable joy and peace to be found in silence. Bhante believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation but also “Teaching people how to be       happy”. For more about Bhante, check out Bhantesujatha.org

With passion and purpose, Tyler Lewke has ignited a worldwide conversation about spirit at work.Thru platforms as speaker, writer, and unlikely CEO, his abilities to connect deeply, give generously and share authentically have been developed and practiced in the most unlikely of places, the center of commerce and big business.  Tyler leads a company that consistently outperforms the competition,    proving time and time again that kindness works and happiness sells. Along the way, he’s developed a unique set of core principles that can be used to ignite spirit at work and bring anyone’s game to the highest level possible.Postsfromthepath.com and ideaexchangejunkies.com are web-based platforms with thousands of daily followers who benefit from his message that commerce is an overlooked spiritual discipline that can change the world.


“Together, they’ve forged this unlikely friendship by blending two opposing worlds and finding ways to unite amidst it all to achieve their unified mission of helping the world find real happiness and peace, no matter what the venue looks like—-                                                                                       From Buddha to the boardroom, they are serving the world one moment at a time…”



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