Rumi described his writing poetry as “the spontaneous river” because he had never written before and then it just flowed from him endlessly.  His inspiration was “a deep friendship with existence, and nonexistence”….  once again leaving us unsure about his relationship with God, even though he himself described each human being as “a resemblance of God”…

Forget the world, and so command the world.  

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.  Help someone’s soul heal.  Walk out of your house like a shepherd.  

Stay in the spiritual fire.  Let it cook you.  

Be a well-baked loaf and lord of the table.  

Come and be served to your brothers.  

You have been a source of pain.  Now you’ll be the delight.  

You have been an unsafe house.  Now you’ll be the One who sees into the Invisible.  

I said this, and a Voice came to my ear, “If you become this, you will be That!”

Then Silence, and now more Silence.  

A mouth is not for talking.  A mouth is of roasting this Sweetness.  ~Rumi