My friend often refers to me as “brother”…  Like “hey brother” … it’ casual, not any big thing.

We’re similar in age and we laugh, fight, play and raz like brothers so I figured it was just a casual description of our relationship.

Turns out, in his part of the world, people refer to anyone older than themselves as “mom” or “dad”, regardless of the biological connections and if the person is a similar age, they say “brother” or “sister”.

In america we talk and generate slogans about “one world” and write songs with lyrics like “one tribe” and we use language like we’re all part of the “collective”.  We know that what I do affects you and vise versa… but in some eastern countries, they live it… they actually believe, treat and honor each other and live in constant recognition of the interconnectedness.

They know it takes a village and they know that how I treat you and you treat me matters in the deepest ways.  They actually know we are all one, that we actually do, like it or not, live as one and so they recognize that essential truth with every interaction.

Imagine the impact this awareness could have on humanity.

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.”
― T.H. White


“Like a sculptor, if necessary,

carve a friend out of stone.

Realize that your inner sight is blind

and try to see the treasure in everyone.” 
― Rumi