Today is my 1,382 post.  It’s also the 1,382 day of this site.  I can’t really believe it.

This started out as my simple service project, a way I could give back in the tiniest of ways….  I never dreamed it would grow like this.  I get so many comments and notes and calls and emails.  I’m moved and so grateful to see how lives have been touched even in the tiniest ways.  The blessings have been entirely mine.

During this time, I’ve exposed myself regularly.  I share here more than some people think I should.  Occasionally, although unintentionally, I offend people.  I have people unfollow and unfriend me on social media now and again.  I work hard to be kind and practice right speech. I try never to sound like a teacher and instead only offer my truth, experience strength and hope.  As life progresses and moments in our society arrive, I consider the responsibility and reach of my words and I work at offering my perspective in a helpful and constructive way.

Even with all this, I still get pushback and negative responses.  I suspect if I didn’t it would mean I’m not doing anything meaningful at all.  This isn’t always easy, but, for me, it does feel necessary.  Sometimes, when I feel down about it all, I think about Dr. King’s words about silence:

“The time comes when silence is betrayal. That time has come for us today……some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.