How Generosity Makes You Happy
The aspirations of the Bodhisattva
Be the message.
Desire is the Devil

Desire is the Devil

Walking on the purple sand of Pheifer Beach,  I noticed an old man building stone pagodas. There are thousands of them in this secret cove, I’ve built a few on my previous visits and from the looks of it so…

I accept my responsibility to add more love to the world and will use all my actions to the benefit of humanity.
For what it’s worth…. it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be.
We can’t hide in our highness any more than we’ve hidden in our unworthiness.
As we left the monastery…
How putting together a simple list of “PROUDS” changed my business ( and me )..
What it’s like to be The Watcher, To stand and Bear Witness to the unknown: