How To Be Enough.

How To Be Enough.

I’m an epic, legendary over achiever. Why?  To be seen. To create. Running from some old wound in my soul.  Divinely inspired. Because I just am. Who knows.   Anyway, for a long time I’ve been working on how to…

Focus 2015 | Three Steps, One Bow.
What we’re all searching for:
Bhante in Big Sur: “our teachings are without any conflict to the teachings of Jesus” | New Camaldoli Hermitage
3 things really matter: Wisdom, Practice and Action.
I live in a state of exhilarated contentment.

I live in a state of exhilarated contentment.

Every single day someone tells me I’m overwhelming them. That I have too much going on.  I’m too busy, I need to slow down, take it easy. Every day, somebody suggests that I need to find more peace and contentment,…

My intention is to widen my see and feel and love as fully as I can and not miss out just because my wounded mind is full of judgment and opinions.
The world without spirit is a wasteland.
Life is ________________________