I grew up at the end of Vietnam and the beginning of the internet on a University campus with restless parents who knew more was required of us as global citizens.

Freedom wasn’t something we talked about, instead it was what we lived.  In a free country, using words of our choosing and actualizing thoughts of our liking with total authority to do so.

Of course I didn’t even know what I had.  Who does until a contrast makes things visible?

Now in the center of adultness, I have seen the contrast and experienced it firsthand by traveling around the world to places that help me see what I have.

The anti-war peace protests of those college campus days are more confusing to me now… trying to reconcile compassion and non-harm with the freedom I cherish is something I have yet to grasp.

I suspect I never will.

Until then, I’ll wake each day focused on peace within me and being relentless in my use of this freedom to do as much good as possible.

What does that look like?   Kindness.  Practicing loving-kindness.  Adding more love however possible.  Taking less and giving more.  Expanding and blowing people’s minds.  Helping to put rules in perspective and show people how to find the middle path in all things.  Being my own best friend and making sure my mind and heart are as pure as possible so I enter the world each day ready and viable to serve.


“Actually this practice is just about the mind and it’s feelings, It’s not something that you have to run after or struggle for.  Breathing continues while working.  Nature takes care of the natural processes–  all we have to do is try to be aware.  Just to keep trying, going inwards to see clearly.  Meditation is like this.  “

~ Ajahn Chan:  Taste of Freedom.