We stepped off the 20+ hour plane ride and I didn’t even wait till we had a good night sleep, I immediately tried to get her to notice things.

She’d be looking somewhere else, and I wanted her to see everything I saw and was frustrated when she missed it.

It took a while for me to realize she was also seeing something beautiful and interesting.  temple

We got snagged at customs, turns out in the online drop down menu for a visa application, United Nations is right above the United States and picking the wrong one is cause for a problem only time and money can fix.

I quickly realized everything is so new to her, so exciting and beautiful and scary and crazy and awesome.
I’ve seen it enough times that I have already started not to notice.

What if she could help me notice again?

I began looking where she was looked.
I could be with her versus her being with me.
Immediately I found the wisdom in this.
Seeing the world through her eyes allows me to see it for the first time again, the colors and chaos, the jarring incongruence of our familiar and this unfamiliar.

Now as we explore this new ancient world, as we hike up mountains and see monkeys and explore temples and eat crazy new food, and laugh until we cry, I watch her experience it.

Now, out of my own way, I watch her watch this life, and I am certain it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


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