It’s my birthday.  My noble friend sent me this quote:

“Within you is the divine capacity to manifest and attract all you need or desire”


I’ve spent the morning thinking about it, grateful for the thought, judgmental of how many buzzwords it has that I tend to hate…”divine”… “manifest”… “attract”…….  The words feel so Starbucky to me– like the stuff that’s written on a tea bag, or stenciled on the bathroom wall of every Yoga studio in America.

I work around the clock on my judgement– it requires a near constant rigor to keep at bay.

I read the quote again and it also contains words that I really vibe with… within… capacity… need… desire..

I’m more of a self actualizing guy versus a believer that stuff manifests as a result of some divinity.  …I believe deep within me that we all have to chop wood and carry water.

Together, the words I love and the ones I hate, I realize the beauty of the middle path again and again….   I do have this capacity within me, and each day I wake up and give it all I got, for what I need and what I desire… to be certain who’s within me comes out at any cost.

Knowing who’s within me takes enormous, rigorous practice, willingness, diligence.  The result has profound significance and a ripple that has a reach I’m not even privy to fully understand.