trainI have a dear friend who’s spent countless hours with me, sharing wisdom on this concept of training my mind.

I really didn’t get it at first–  But I believed him enough that I kept trying anyway.

Eventually I discovered that if I stuck to it, I could actually experience a complete shift within my thinking—  With enough practice, I was able to see the good before the bad, to see beauty in even the darkest things.

My biggest struggle was with judgement–  as I continued to train my mind, I started with silence.  When I couldn’t help but judge, I practiced over and over to remain silent as much as possible.

It took years.  Sometimes I still blow it.

I found that when I didn’t give it a voice, it was like I was somehow suffocating it and eventually I extinguished the thoughts all together.

The same thing happened with my emotions– I’d have something flare up and I would feel awful, the same old patters and stories repeating themselves.

As I continued to observe my thoughts I was able to notice that all feelings ebb and flow, come and go and rather than reacting, I eventually learned to just observe and remember that this too shall pass.

The mind is the most powerful tool in my universe and learning how to work with it, focus it, harness it and observe it has been indescribably liberating for me.

It works when you work it.