My life’s full.  If I bullet pointed the highlights, both good and bad, you’d think I’m obsessed, crazy, wildly fortunate, unfortunate or lying depending on how you view things.  Not just by the amount of stuff going on but the range of what I’m into is bizarre and staggering.  On any given day I can be in the heart of a business deal or getting to the heart of the matter.  I can be living in the city, or the country.  I can be still or running like wild.  Often you could be talking with me and have no idea where I physically am in the world.  Growth is happening 24/7.

All this has made me a master at managing change and that’s a good thing because it’s all around me ( and all of us ) all the time.

In the last two years I’ve had more change than the last 20 combined.  The personal and professional changes during this time have been game changers and while I’m sometimes scared shitless I’m also thrilled beyond measure.

I think we’re responsible for clarifying the life we want and I take that seriously.

We’re embarking on a giant shift within our company and recently we pulled our top folks together to talk about the changes– the hows and whys and what we’re creating.. clarifying what we want.  I’ve been a student of how organizations manage change for a long time and I pulled together the resources I’d compiled to come up with some talking points as our guide.  Of them all, I found a “transition plan” compiled by Deepak Chopra that made the most sense to me.

The first step for creating a major life change he says is to Be Clear about your intention.  I love this because I hear people every single day who say they want this or that or have this dream or that goal but then never get specific about what it ACTUALLY TAKES to get what they want.

I was this way early on as well but now I am crystal clear about what I want and I define what it will take and make sure I’m willing to put in the effort. If I’m not, I’m just lying to myself.  For example, this book project I’m nearly done with the first draft on– almost two years ago now I committed to doing it.. but I didn’t commit until I understood CLEARLY what it would take and before I could accept what it would take I had to be totally clear about my intention.  If I hadn’t been so clear on what I wanted I could have never pushed thru turning in three chapters a month, which meant completing a full chapter nearly every single week, which meant more than 1000 words every single day, which meant a minimum commitment of one solid hour every single day for more than a year.. which meant saying no to loads of things I really wanted to say yes to, which meant thousands and thousands of dollars and hiring  help and editors and accountability coaches etc etc etc.  Parts of this process have been HORRIBLE.  The daily commitment of an hour may not sound huge, but try that 7 days a week for YEARS.   The only reason I can now see the finish line of the first draft is because early on I became VERY CLEAR about my intention and renewed my focus to the very simple, very tangible intention each and every day.  Hundreds of days I had to disregard how I felt in the moment in exchange for getting what I really wanted in the end, which I could only do because I was clear about my intentions from the start.

Step 1:  Be Clear About Your Intention

Everyone’s mind is filled with desires, wishes, dreams, and memories, creating crosscurrents of intention.  To be supported in what you want, your intention has to be clear and focused.  Don’t think, “I want my life to change.” Be specific and precise: “I want my job situation to improve,” for example, is a little more precise.  But focus needs to be even sharper, such as “I want to be appreciated at work by my supervisor.” Or “I want more responsibility and challenge.”  ~  from The Chopra Center