I wasn’t born knowing what I wanted.  The first step to creating a major life change says “be clear about our intentions”… but one thing meditation has taught me is how unclear my emotions and feelings can be at times.  What’s beautiful today can feel ugly tonight.  Finding the middle, solid ground around something is hard work.

Writers seem to always describe periods of extreme self doubt and struggle with the words.  Every single writer I’ve talked with or studied has also realized that some of their best work came from moments where they thought it sucked the most.  I’ve had the same experience countless times, deep in the middle of something and totally convinced it’s complete shit and then somehow push through to realize it’s dead on.  Rarely trusting how I feel while in something has been a powerful tool.  It’s funny how things work like that.

In order to feel confident I’ve set the right intention I have to go through a process to establish the idea’s durability.  Intentions need to be weatherproof if they are strong enough to stay with you and be your northern star when the process gets ugly.  Noble friends, processing out load and deep within, checking and re-checking how it feels at various times, getting enough sleep and eating right, exercise.. all this stuff makes for solid intention setting.   But in the end, over and over again I need to go inside me and look around and pay close attention.  Skipping this step is like building a house on sand.

Step 2: Go Inside and Let Your Desire Ripen and Mature

In other words, meditate on your intention. With eyes closed, sitting quietly, get yourself centered. It may help to gently follow your breath for a minute or two. Visualize what you want to achieve. Don’t force the images and don’t fantasize. See the change you desire as clearly as you might see what your house looks like. Be realistic and calm as you see the new situation that you want to unfold. ~ The Chopra Center