I’ve concluded that within all major change things for a moment or longer will inevitably suck and this is just how it goes.  When really creating major life changes, I did the first two steps, being clear about my intention and then letting that intention ripen and grow.  But I didn’t realize that literally part of the plan was for things to be hard, for me to get scared and full of self doubt and internal criticism that can be nearly immobilizing.

Going through this fear swamp enough times, I’ve come to expect fear and doubt and disillusionment as mile markers reminding me that I’m getting closer to my desired change and things are getting real.  I’m so certain now that fear is part of the journey, I often await the reaction just so I can be sure I’m on course.  Paying attention to what I resist is one of the clearest indicators I’ve ever found.  When I’m not afraid, I’m likely not real or haven’t dreamed big enough.


Step 3: Feel Your Response to Your Intention

As you sit and mediate on your desired change, various feelings and sensations will come to the surface. Not all will be positive. You might feel resistance or discouragement or anxiety. This is good, because only in daydreams does everything look easy and perfect, because you’re in a state of fantasy. By feeling the resistance inside yourself, you are getting closer to a realistic outcome that’s successful. ~The Chopra Center