I don’t know about you but to me it just seems kinda crazy to let go of my intentions after working so hard for so long to be clear about what they are and recognize how much they matter.  The first three steps had me getting so clear about things and now I’m supposed to let it all go..? But the truth is, the real work and value is in the refinement and clarity process itself, not the thing. I finally figured out when I let go I can enjoy and embrace what comes along the way and nearly always it’s way better than what my small thinking could have imagined.


Step 4: Let Go of Your Intention

To achieve your life change, you will be making many small decisions in the coming days. You can’t predict what these will be. In fact, for most people, looking ahead leads to discouragement. They don’t see a clear path, and unknown obstacles are certain to crop up. To avoid this kind of self-defeatism, don’t try to predict the future or conquer the unknown. Let the path unfold, which means letting go. ~The Chopra Center