Although we’ve arrived at half way through this plan, I don’t think a middle point of a major life change exists.  I never seem to be even remotely clear of where I am within a plan until it’s long past me.  Things don’t happen in some kind of order, they happen for me in fits and starts, fast and slow and fast again, all mixed up and unclear until a moment when, often instantly, they become crystal clear.  For most of us our intentions and goals and best laid plans tank as a result of the resistance that shows up as we’re working through.  Changing, even for the better, often requires doing things that don’t feel natural.  It’s hard to create a new normal and I am filled with resistance.   That’s why for me, I must focus on behavior above all else.  I can’t control very many outcomes in this life, but I can control the behavior that I invest to get somewhere.  What I resist the most is often what I need to focus on the most.

Step 5: Deal With Your Resistance

This, too, is a place where many people falter. After seeing how much benefit they’d get from a life change, they find it too difficult to face their inner resistance. By resistance I mean the feelings that say “No” to your intention. These can be rooted in insecurity, past failure, inertia, doubt, anxiety—the list goes on and on. But realistically, everyone has these resistances, including the people who successfully overcame them. ~ The Chopra Center