Ideas unexecuted are the most defeating thing for me.  I can read a book or go to a workshop and hear all his great stuff and take pages of notes and come back and feel on fire ready to take on the world.   I’d hit the ground running the first day starting a hundred new things all at once.  Inevitably, of course, nothing got done.

Eventually I realized that it was ok to let go of great ideas and that an unexecuted great idea is not nearly as good as a decent idea that I actually put into place.

Chop wood, carry water.

Step 7: Pursue Only What’s Feasible

With your ally or allies, make a list in three columns. In these columns you are going to assess what needs to change. Column 1 is about things you can start to fix. Column 2 contains the things you have to put up with—for now. Column 3 contains the things you have to walk away from. Take your time. Go back to your lists repeatedly, until you get a clear view of your situation. Only then should you act. ~ The Chopra Center