As a writer I have the chance to observe my inner and outer growth in a tangible way; I look back over previous words and see my evolution up close.

I’m amazed sometimes as I will often look back to what I wrote a year ago on any given day and find things that feel like a lifetime ago, almost unrecognizable to the me now.  Other times I look back and it feels like no time has passed and I’m stuck in concrete seemingly not having progressed at all.   Over time I’ve found the two are usually reversed– where I think I’ve grown I often haven’t as much and where I think I was stuck I was incubating something real and significant.

Whenever I think my goals or major life changes are external I end up in a cul-de-sac.  It’s only deep in me that the real progress is ever made.

100 years, all new people.

Step 9: See the Project as an Inner Path

Even though you’re taking action, the real change will happen in your own awareness. Walk the path as an inner path; monitor what’s happening inside—a journal is a good idea here. By being self-aware, you give old habits and conditioning less of a chance to pull you backward. And if you do take a step back, note it, forgive yourself, and regroup. No matter what happens in the outside world, no one can take your inner path away from you.~ The Chopra Center