Early in my career I was hopelessly ill-suited for the job.  I was shy and scared and had no idea how to connect with new people.  I was awesome once I knew them but getting to know them was similar to jumping to the moon.

Meeting and connecting with new people is the literal core of my business…  so this was a huge problem for a life long introvert.

Countless times early on, I would sit in my car trying to muster up the courage to go into a meeting or to have a necessary interaction.  I’d determine exactly how long it  was going to take and I’d figure out what time  I’d be back in my car, safe and totally relieved having gotten thru.  I remember so vividly telling myself that no matter what happened, at X time, I’d be right back, totally safe and secure.

I was a new dad, totally broke and hell-bent to thrive. As a result, I made the choice to set aside how scared I was and do what felt impossible.   People told me it would get easier after a couple of times. It didn’t.  In fact, it’s still not easy for me honestly.  But what did get easier was making the choice to do it anyway.

What I discovered is that sometimes we make choices and then the choices make us.