Sometimes looking out from the comfort of my little life into our messy world is painful.  The struggle and suffering, the interconnectedness of it all and the mounting overall failure of society generates feelings of hopeless overwhelm deep within me.

I don’t know how to fix the problems of the world, or my country, or my community or even my street.

Some days, it’s all I can do to fix myself and my little patch of the earth.  recycle-design

I watch and participate in so many paradoxes… the cycles of our world that just confuse everything again and again and again.  

I see people going to churches and temples, I see people talking about prayer and nobility on Sundays while living the rest of the days with a lack of personal integrity and without exchanges of even base level loving-kindness.

We walk thru our days focused and driven and ambitious and then the needs of our neighbors and fellow earth travelers often go unnoticed.

We use plastic and chemicals and the earths precious resources to create giant blue recycle bins… hurting the earth in order to try and save it.

We talk of God and spirit and hope and joy and peace and happiness.   We build buildings to help us find it, we write books to each other with all the ways that might work and then we only give access to those who meet criteria.

I’ve meditated in a beautiful temple on wonderful cushions in an incredible sacred space while just outside the Temple’s doors homeless people are searching for basic things like food and shelter.

It’s all a mess…. and so much of it is all so perfect.

I know what I have to do… I have to cultivate my own garden, over and over and over again.  Whenever I deviate, each and every time, I end up hopeless and empty.

I work hard now at this practice, day in and day out doing everything I possibly can to take care of myself and anyone else I can find and I try to never look up and get overwhelmed, instead I pour everything I’ve got into whomever’s in front of me and remember I just need to do what I can, when I can, with whatever means I’ve got.

I must admit, while I’m at it, I often wonder… what if?

What if we just all paused, if we stopped this madness, broke the cycle, remembered what really mattered?

What if I treated everyone I met with the same nobility I seek and the love I gave was as unconditional as the love I seek?

What if I used less and gave even more?  What if we all did?

What if our religion was each other, if our practice was our life and if prayer our words?  

What if the temple was the earth, if forests were our church and if holy waters were the rivers, lakes, and oceans?  

What if meditation was our relationships, the teacher was life and wisdom was knowledge?

What if love was the center of our being?  ~ Ganga White

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