In my hell bent, unrelenting search for how people sustain authentic happiness, I’m currently in Sri Lanka, a little island off of India.

This country is something like 98% Buddhist.

I’m moved beyond words by the practice here, by the core commitment to be kind, love one another and live in peace.

I’ve been asking people about The Buddha.  The_Buddha_at_Mihintale,_Sri_Lanka

I don’t get consistent answers, turns out I think it’s a rather personal thing.

So I went online in search of a common explanation  (( hey, what could be more american than an guy turning to the internet for answers even while he’s in the holy land to experience things first hand ))

I found a wonderful explanation:

Buddha is often misunderstood as the name of an historical figure from India; but this is not the case. Buddha is a principle, not a person. Buddha actually means “awake.” When asked, “Are you a god?” Gautama, the person who became a buddha way back when in India replied, “No.” “Then what are you?” the man asked again. Gautama’s answer was, “I am awake.”

read the full context of it here.