where I belong

My grandfather was a guy who some described as a deep well– a truth and wisdom seeker who found the deeper meanings in life.

Others might have described him as bat shit crazy.. it all depends on your perspective I guess.

He passed his curious spirit on—  the same hunger for the inner workings of this life.

He also passed on to my mom, then to me, a single book, which surfaces in my life regularly and frames most things nearly exactly as I see them:

songs of life


“You are a necessary part of a long story.  Your parents and grandparents should have helped you feel your place in the story when you were yet a young child.  But a while back it seemed as if everyone forgot the story.  So you grew up wondering about your value and your worth.  You have searched for a place where you can belong.  Now, when you are older and it is harder, you must learn that your value is in the being you and you belong here”  ~  Notes from the song of life, A Spiritual Companion by Tolbert McCarroll