Gandhi said that work is also worship.

I think about that often, reminding myself that no matter what I’m doing the opportunity to worship the good in people, the sacred in each moment, the nobility of just having the opportunity to endeavor another day or hour or minute is more than enough.

I want to worship all the time– to remember to radiate compassion and to add more love in the world, in every way I can.

I spent so long believing I had to find noble work..  now I know that the nobility comes from me.

I’m grateful and thankful for this awareness… it’s brought a satisfaction to efforts and tasks that previously felt mundane and it’s brought a clarity and focus to amping up the sacred in each moment.

The opportunities to worship, to give, to be in service and to add more to everything are simply endless and we get to all have the most noble profession ever, right here, right now.


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